What Is Waxing Cinematic?

NEW –  9/16/2017 – Jake’s: Thoughts On IT


Where are we now?

So much has happened and I haven’t updated the website as often as I should have. John took a 9 to 5, not unlike Dolly Parton in that brilliant 1980 Comedy gem. Eric Jones and I updated the format of the spin-off podcast The Essentials. If you are a fan of Star Trek TOS,   Batman TAS,  or  Buffy The Vampire Slayer you should get something you like out of The Essentials. Please tune in. You can find it under the Waxing Cinematic banner on iTunes and Stitcher. We also have the newest episodes on Pod-O-Matic and Spreaker. Be sure to check the lovely sidebar to your right for the all the episodes from Waxing Cinematic and our most recent tweets. Follow the fam on Twitter as well. Reach out to us! We’d love to continue the conversation on and off the show and we would love to read your feedback on the air. Rate us on iTunes or whatever podcast app you are using. 

Where did your love of movies begin?

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3 Responses to What Is Waxing Cinematic?

  1. vinnieh says:

    Now this is a cool blog.

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